Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dream Song

The moon loomed large in the sky that night,

Copper shafts of light filtered

Through the endless layers of rushing clouds

That ghosted ‘cross her face,

Revealing glimpses of her bright regard,

The surprise of her smile;

The girl dreamed of slender trees,

Their pale fingers reaching from grassy isle

To water-color sky, delicate green touch

That sang with the breath held inside her;

She dreamed of a diamond,

The heart of a star deep in the cold pewter expanse,

Born in the fires of the universe beginning,

Dancing itself into facets

Beyond all sense of time;

She dreamed of a cave full of water and light,

The motes of Another’s thoughts

Rising like fragments of gold,

Like glittering new snow in the lights of a town,

Like the particles of her own dreams

Written and sung beneath the beaming

Of that slowly spinning

Brightly shining

Beneficently eyeing orb