Tuesday, September 30, 2008

summer's fleeting (joys)

today there is a sky so cloudless blue
cloudless blue even as the wind
is scented with the end of summer
this is the time for wood-walking
for walking away along the shining river
and finding the place where the sun sleeps
for sleeping in the rain beneath white pines
before crying out the loss of leaves
before all green things go to ground
and I feel the frost creep into my veins
into tree veins that will slow for the long darkness
darkness that wraps itself around my heart
even though the sun still shines out
as though it were time to harvest strawberries
instead of the late raspberries that we have plucked
to steep in glass jars filled with vodka
to sip while wrapped in woodsmoke next summer
if summer does come again
in glories of heat and dust smelling of carnival straw
and green curling vines of everything that grows
everything but apples which will come soon
in a bittersweet taste of long lazy days
and regrets
of tired new chances in a place not yet my own
my thoughts are my own and full of whispers
whispers in the velvet-dark of a mountain night
smelling of the wet insides of new leaves
of soil and summer cigarettes sighing smoke
the sigh of nylon sleeping bags in an insect-green tent
the hands resting on my sun-warmed skin
rubbed smooth by lake sand while we
floated on driftwood with buttercup chins
devil's paintbrush lashes framing our eyes
our cheeks daubed with stream-wet shale
riding the warmth of weather and contented breaths
lips curving in smiles that no longer exist
for the endless days of dancing through the trees cannot last
summer can never seem to last
even on a day like today
when the sky is so cloudless blue