Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Goodbye Day

Tiny clearing calling to me,

Hooves have long since sunk into damp soil,

Chickadees flit--startle me--in the bushes,

Discovering the magic pop of seeds my father once showed me,

I came this far not knowing what I sought,

The desire to fly away--to melt into the trees--seized me...

Golden sunlight of afternoon plays across the trees here,

The bittersweet sigh of autumn fills my heart,

If magic could be sought out--caught and held--it would be here,

Under the drum of the woodpecker,

But I only feel a chill as a cloud passes the face of the sun,

What I wouldn't give to be those clouds

Soaring over the blue sky,

To be a golden leaf high above--shining in the sunset--

To be an amber toad leaping from the path of a deer,

To be the log on which I perch--so full of other life--

But this must end and I must roam again,

Content not even here,

Among life so unlike my own